Choosing the Right Wine Tote for the Job

Picking Wine Sacks

Wine totes are accessible in many plans, from easy to exquisite, and in many cost ranges. At the point when you are searching for a wine carry, there are a few contemplations.

Number of jugs of wine

Most wine sacks can convey somewhere in the range of 1 to 6 jugs of wine.

Bottle sizes

Consider what size bottles you should ship in your wine totes. Champagne and a couple of wines come in bottles that can be both more extensive and taller than the typical 750 mL wine bottle.


Some wine totes, like neoprene, are delicate sided; and a few sacks, like calfskin transporters, are hard sided. Cowhide might be more inclined to scratching or soil, while material or nylon is more sturdy and launderable. Nonetheless, a hard estimated sack might offer more insurance.


Wine sacks might possibly be protected. Consider whether you will go for significant distances with wine or taking wine outside, like on a climb or excursion. In those cases, you might favor protected wine handbags.


Wine bottle totes arrive in a harga vodka termurah wide reach from straightforward, utilitarian transporters to exceptionally rich jug transporters.

Neoprene transporters are genuinely cheap, light, not cumbersome, and simple to crease. They are likely the most smaller sort of wine bottle transporter accessible. Basically slip the container into the sleeve and utilize the implicit handle. Neoprene transporters come in 1, 2, or 3 jug transporters. They come in strong varieties, yet fashioner styles are turning out to be increasingly accessible. Organizations are beginning to offer silk screened neoprene totes for customized wine handbags. This is an incredible method for honoring a significant occasion, like a yearly assembling or deals objective accomplishment.

Exquisite wine totes incorporate hard sided cowhide cases. These cases are made to convey 1 to 4 jugs of wine and come in different cowhide completes like dark, brown, tan, and regular. Some movement wine cases give space to bottles, wine glasses, and a wine tool.

Wine plug satchels are very much like they sound – single wine bottle transporters that seem to be handbags and twofold as totes. They are accessible in various outside plans and textures, very much like normal satchels. They might have grasp handles or longer satchel lashes.

To assist you with making sure to utilize your wine carry at the store, place it in your vehicle alongside your material staple sacks.

Protected Wine Handbags

On the off chance that you are anticipating going on your wine on lengthy outings or outside, for example, on a climb or cookout, then, at that point, you might need to search for a protected transporter. Neoprene totes offer some level of protection, however they are more fit to brief excursions.